Oh, snap! GUUHGL - How much pain can one SEO take?

Och, Menno! Guuhgl - Wie viel Schmerz kann ein SEO ertragen?

…you've probably asked yourself the same question when you've seen particularly bizarre, hair-raising or questionable implementations flickering across your monitor.

Sometimes hardening is a good solution to arm yourself for the real world out there. We're going full confrontational with our deck of cards. A hypersensitization program, so to speak, for all SEOs who know this dizzying combination of fascination and disbelief all too well.

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How does the game work?

To play you need:

  1. deck of cards
  2. teammates (optional)
  3. suffering ability and SEO know-how

Everyone is seated and has a drink? There is enough space on the table? Cards are shuffled?

Karten mischen

Then you're good to go!

Step 1

At the beginning, each person draws two cards randomly from the deck and sorts them face up on the table in front of them in ascending order of SEO pain. Spielbeginn - Schritt 1: 2 Karten ziehen und sortieren

Step 2

The person whose main domain has the lowest visibility (SISTRIX) starts. He/she draws a card face down from the deck and reads the description to his/her left neighbor. This / This must now guess where this SEO horror story is to be classified according to pain score between the cards in front of him. If they are correct, the card is sorted accordingly.

Schritt 2: Karte richtig einsortiert

Schritt 2: Karte falsch einsortiert

If not, the card goes to the "Graveyard" pile.

Schritt 2: Score falsch geraten - Karte kommt auf den Stapel

Step 3

The game continues in a clockwise direction:

  1. draw card and read aloud
  2. guess classification
  3. pick up card or put it away

Whoever has 6 cards first wins.

Schritt 3: Gewinner ist, wer 6 Karten richtig vor sich einsortiert hat.

You can also find the game instructions on the back of the box.

Have fun playing!

Where can I get the game?

Just write to one of us on your favorite channel. Whether email, Facebook, XING, Linkedin or via contact form - we'll be happy to send you a copy - while stocks last, without guarantee and only one to each ;-)

How does the scoring come about?

This highly scientific process is top secret. But maybe it was just a survey among these SEO luminaries. An equal mix of females, males, in-house, agency, and freelancers weighed the pain against each other in an explicitly statistically sound process. When playing, it helps to get inside the heads of our jury.

A mega thank you - in random order - for this goes to:

Sarah Palazzo Philipp Loew-Albrecht Stephanie Ludermann
Fabian Nesensohn Malte Landwehr Irina Hey
Martin Mißfeldt Celia Brauer Tobias Schwarz
Niels Dahnke Claudia Misselwitz Thomas Mindnich
Dominik Lay Olaf Seydel Bianca Zang
Luisa Ruppert Franziska Seitz Kevin Indig
Florian Elbers Anna Pianka Alex Geißenberger
Jens Fauldrath Jennifer Long Rhea Moore
Mareike Doll Alexander Breitenbach Martin Witte
Patrick Lürwer